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The BOOGERWOODS SPOOKTACULAR!  This is about our favorite.  Consistently rated in the top 10 nationwide and every night is a SELLOUT.  ALL PROCEEDS TO CYSTIC FIBROSIS RESEARCH! You must buy tickets in advance.  They go on sale the day of the event at 2 PM.  They are routinely sold out by the time the event actually starts.  Take our advice, be there at 2 PM to get your tickets and then return later, or bring a picnic and plan family activities until time for the show to start.  Parking is limited so carpooling is recommended.  Don't show up at BOOGERWOODS at the last minute and expect to get in.  It won't happen.  Undoubtedly the best haunted attraction in either of the Carolinas.  Literally hundreds of volunteers are required to work in the attraction and behind the scenes at BOOGERWOODS.  An experience one never forgets!  
by Nancy T. Bottomley

I, too, went to 4 haunts, 2 on the Tour (The Mill and Campground Massacre) and 2 that were not (Nightmare on Independence and Boogerwoods).  I was told I could write about the other 2 anyway.  I'm glad I could write about Boogerwoods.

BOOGERWOODS is located between Rockwell and China Grove off of I-85 on Hwy. 152, east of Kannapolis/Concord, NC.  It was originally built by family and friends just for fun and now, 2007 marks their 30 year anniversary in business, donating money to Cystic Fibrosis ... many volunteers return annually because they are part of the family atmosphere.

This haunt is OPEN four (4) given nights per season and these days VARY, so check the website every year.  Tickets go on sale at 2:00 that afternoon for that night of the haunt and typically sell out.  They have their reasons for doing it this way.

While you are in LINE, Boogerwoods offers a Big Screen showing Halloween-y movies.  It is like a walk-in instead of a drive-in as the speakers are spread out.  Wait time is about 2 hours but it is well worth the wait - built in benches help.  They also offer concession goods and an on-duty Sheriff.

Boogerwoods was a lovely mixed bag of having an experience with a prop, an experience being part of an audience who watched the volunteer/actors comically banter and put on a show for you, and hysterical interaction with your guides/actors (below) ... totally different combination.

Entertainment factor was serverly high.  Very unique sets, different sensations, smells, frights and constant laughing.  Note:  I laughed so hard, not because it was dumb, but because your guides (mentioned below) were so funny, having a great time themselves.  It was designed to be this way, for both fun and fright.  LOTS of humorous and creative skits to entertain or scare you.  LOTS of sensory input ... some unlike anything I'd ever seen done (more below).

BEPs (big expensive props) and the use of TONS of plain 'ole creativity, imagination and down home fun tactics.  In my opinion, these folks could fly without BEPs ... and that is saying a lot.  But even their big props were very unique.  I must mention CLUB BOOGER -- You had better dance in there or "The Managers" will appear and check on the "bar."  They scared the heck out me:  quite amazing and frightening. 

Without spoiling or repeating anything that isn't already posted on their website with photos, I decided to list what you will experience through your senses:  SIGHT:  dark then bright sets (high scare factor), strobes, "lightning bolts," 3-D, and a beautiful tall landscaped waterfall; SMELL:  farm smells; SENSATIONS:  you felt like you were in a fender bender, like you were walking on mushy, sinking and/or muddy ground; that you were in a rain shower (uh, you were); like you had pressure on your whole body; like you had motion sickness (NOT just the spinning tube ... I have never seen this BEP before); and like you got the tingles in your feet; HEARING:  thunderstorms, lightning bolt cracks and lots of good music.  Plus, you got to boogie and dance.

Regarding set design continuity, none of these sets were related, but your guides, 2 volunteers (actors) cultivated the sense of continuity, just by talking TO you and WITH you inbetween sets.  THEY are the ones who made it flow together unlike self guided tours where you might feel a choppy set change.

ACTORS/Volunteers  -- 5/5
Booger uses 75-100 volunteers per night and they need all of them.  These people were priceless and I loved them!  It was like you went to a show.  They had rehearsed and comical banter and antics among themselves and acted like you weren't there sometimes.   Sometimes I forgot I was at a haunt, I was so into it ... their acting was as quite credible for what it was.

LENGTH:  5/5 -- 40 minutes.  Perfect.

Review of Boogerwoods 
By Bethyboo

Scare factor:  5/5:  I thought that Boogerwoods had a great balance of scares and comedy in every scene we walked through.  It is very interactive and our guides, Super Dave and Evil Knieval, were extremely entertaining.  I knew we were in for a great time when we first got in line at Boogerwoods.  The line seemed pretty long, and they had a scary movie playing on a big outdoor screen that we could see very well from the back of the line.  I was talking to my friends, when an unexpected “something” happened and scared me so bad; I spilled by bottle of water.  It set the tone for the whole thing.  Within just a couple of minutes, a Michael Meyers character was on a zip line right above the crowd and heading right in our direction!  This was very effective and scared me pretty bad.  At this point, I wasn’t sure what we were in for, but I was nervous and excited to find out!   All the scenes were excellent.  I haven’t picked my favorite yet, but in the running are the Saw box, Snake man, Booger Diner, and Club Booger.  This was my first visit to Boogerwoods and I was very impressed.  The money raised for this attraction goes to Cystic Fibrosis and I just wish they could be open for more days in October, because I think they could raise a lot more money for their cause. I hear they sell out every night.

Actors: 5/5:  I have to give props to the guides Super Dave and Knieval.  They are so fun to be with you would think it wouldn’t be scary.  WRONG, they defiantly make you feel at ease and then something scary happens.  All the actors were very good at scaring you and are always in your face.  I would have to say the best actors I’ve seen this Haunted house season.

Set design: 5/5:  Again, for being open only a few days per year, they really have a detailed set with lots of effects. It is obvious that they have spent a lot of time and imagination on set design, and the scenes flow together very well.

Length: 5/5:  The length was perfect.  I never felt rushed, or saw any other groups while inside the attraction.  It lasted 45-55 minutes once inside the haunt.  I don’t mind the wait to get in, when you know the haunt will be fun, you get to see everything, and feel like it last as long as the wait did. 

Overall:   5/5: Boogerwoods has it all.  Scares, laughs, and surprises.  I would recommend this attraction to everyone.  The cost is only $15.00 and really that is a super value compared to other attractions I’ve been to.  Boogerwoods should not be missed!  It has been my favorite this season and I will definitely go back next year.
Boogerwoods: by Sabrina913

Scare Factor 5/5:  They managed to do what few haunts can. They mixed comedy with scares. You don’t just go through this haunt, you become an active participant. In fact there are sections that you are not allowed to leave until you do something. It is very interactive. This is the very first haunt we have ever gone to that managed to make my brother jump. This happened when we were in line waiting and since I don’t want to give it away, let me just say it managed to make everyone jump and scream. 

Actors 5/5: I usually don’t like haunts where you have a guide because they tend to be too “safe”. We had a guide in front and one in back, Super Dave and Evil Knieval. They did a great job of making us laugh, and keeping us on edge for the next scare. Between them and the actors it was a great experience. Some of them are very loud; while others are so quiet you don’t know they are there until you turn around and see them following you. 

Set Design/Props/FX - 5/5:  I think their set designs were genius. They take you in groups of about 10 people and there are approximately 20 sections that you go through. Here is the genius part, something I like to call the sardine effect. Each room/section was just big enough for the group and actors to fit in. Being this packed you have nowhere to go. You are at the mercy of the actors and guides. When I hear chainsaws my feet automatically start running, but here I had nowhere to run. This definitely brought the scare factor up for me.

Length 5/5:  We drove a couple of hours to get there and did not feel cheated by the length of time it took to go through. The attraction seems to last about 45-55 minutes from where you enter. The pace is perfect. We never saw or heard the group in front or behind us. They didn’t rush us through, but kept a perfect pace.  

Overall 5/5: Boogerwoods is only open about 4 days each season and each night their tickets sell out. You do have to plan ahead in order to get your tickets, however it is well worth it. The price is $15 dollars for a ticket and all proceeds are given to Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone there volunteers their time, but act as if they are being paid. If you are looking for screams, laughs and surprises, this is the place to go. I can’t wait to go again next year! 
Boogerwoods - By Julie 

Scare Factor - 5/5 - I should change this to entertainment factor, because while I was startled several times, to me it isn't really a "scary" haunt so much as an entertaining haunt. Please don't get me wrong, if you're claustrophobic, or scared of chainsaws, or things going bump in the dark, you will get scared. But those things pale in comparison to the entertainment value, which comes from a great variety of innovative scares, the fact that you are guided through the scenes and the interactive aspect of many of the scenes. I had such a great time I can't bear to give them less than a 5 here.

Actors - 5/5 Guides: I usually don't care for them. Floyd and Otis were the funniest guides you could ever ask for. The image of these guys lip synching Enter Sandman from behind windows (with flashlights for  a nice spooky effect) will forever be etched on my brain. All of the actors here are volunteers, and man, they are awesome. They obviously take pride in, and enjoy their jobs.  They never break character, they get up close and personal. I usually don't care for actors portraying movie characters, but the person with the Michael Myers get up did an awesome job. Just ask my friend who was beside me in the mine, as he was grabbing for her through the bars. Classic!

Set Design/Props/FX -5/5 Lots of innovative things here. This was my first time through Boogerwoods, so I don't know how much they change things from year to year. Folks who visit every year may get jaded, but I was amazed at the animatronics and the amount of work that must go into these scenes. You will get a little wet here, and they will attempt to freeze you....come prepared. My favorite was the mine shaft...but I don't want to give it away. It was outstanding, and something I have never before encountered.

Length - 5/5 I so didn't want it to be over when it was done. But they end with a great scene, what more could you ask for? And you get a lot for your money. Cost for Boogerwoods is only $15 ($25 with a fast pass.) 

Other   - 5/5 Parking is tight here, but the walk to the line is not far. My recommendation would be to get the fast pass unless you like standing in line a looooong time. Apparently this was the first year they had offered's worth the extra $10. They take groups of about 10 at a time, which is usually too many for me, but I was with a group of adults, so that worked out just fine, especially since part of the scare/fun of many of the scenes was the claustrophobic/trapped feeling.  Buying the tickets is not the easiest, since they go on sale at 2 PM for that night's show. It would be nice if they had an online option to buy, since some folks have over an hour drive to get there.

Overall Impression - 5/5 Boogerwoods was a blast! I'll definitely go back. I usually don't care for comedy mixed with scares, but these folks have taken this concept to the highest level.  I would recommend this haunt to everyone. We were spooked, entertained and engaged in the process the entire time.  
Submitted by packbacker

Scare Factor-4/5-
Parts of Boogerwoods are meant to be exceptionally scary while other parts are meant to be simply entertaining.  I found early on the scares lacking but the entertainment value through the roof.  Pinhead and the flatbacks cranked the scare value up tremendously.  I can't get over how awesome a scene the flatbacks area was.  I don't want to say any more to spoil it....just bravo!  The whole trail had a different feel to it with guides.  There were set scenes rather than pop out scares.  It was a very welcome change of pace for me.  

First a word about the guides.  We had Super Dave and Evil Kneivel.  These guys never broke character and were just a riot.  They thought quickly on their feet to come back against stupid questions, interacted with each guest, and still managed to keep everyone together and moving.  The actors in the haunt were also top notch.  They had  a set that were interactive with speaking parts and others who simply went for the scares.  Those provoking the screams knew what buttons to push and didn't let up until the guides released you.  Special attention has to be given to Michael Myers.  You, sir, were amazing.  

Set Design-5/5
 Learning that this haunt was open 5 days a year and was run for charity I was expecting old school low tech scares.  Boy was I wrong.  There were multiple things along the trail that I had never seen before.  Flatbacks, Boogerassic Park, and Beetlegeeuse's moving intestinal tract were fantastic.  The monster masks/makeup were top notch.  Pinhead looked very real and then we got some ridiculously huge monsters here and there.  If that werewolf baby prop is for sale somewhere let me know....I love it!   

Plan on about 45 minutes to see/walk it all.  You're never rushed, you aren't overrun by other groups, and by the end you're plum worn out.

My one complaint would be having to buy tickets on site the day of your visit.  That meant 4 hours travel yesterday instead of 2.........but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  It's also a novel concept that there are limited tickets....general admissions were sold out when we arrived at 8:30 with very few fast pass options left.  The fast pass is sooooooooo worth the extra $10.  We were told the end of the line we saw was a 3hr wait.  I'd definitely wait that long to go through but for $10 I can wait 15 minutes?  No brainer!

I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this haunt.  It's staffed solely by volunteers with all proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis research.  They scare, they entertain, and they do it all for good reasons.  I left with a giant grin on my was a tremendous way to cap a fun haunt season.  I think I may have a new number one for 2010.10.
Member Review for “Boogerwoods” 
 by Blame Elvis

 Scare Factor: 4.5/5 Someone on this message board mentioned that this should be changed to “Entertainment Factor”, and they are exactly right when referring to the Boogerwoods haunt. Boogerwoods is unique in that not only does it provide frights for people of all ages; it also packs in quite a few laughs as well. That being said, the scare factor is still quite prevalent. First of all, the haunt itself is located in the back woods of China Grove, so you get that chilling frightful ambience right from the get go. In addition, each set is located quite a distance from the preceding and succeeding ones, so walking through the dark woods of North Carolina is inevitable! Boogerwoods provided some intense moments for us that took our breath away. 

Actors: 5/5 Boogerwoods is one of the few haunts around that still utilizes the “tour guide” concept, and they do so with perfection. Our guides were the infamous Super Dave and Evil Knieval. If you haven’t seen these two perform yet, get your butt down to China Grove and see ‘em! They provide an excellent ebb and flow to the whole experience, and do an outstanding job of gauging how the people in the crowd are going to react to different scenes, and then adjusting accordingly. The actors that participate in Boogerwoods are an all volunteer group, so it amazes me that they can be so good. I really enjoyed how they fed off of members of the group who were getting startled!

Set Design: 5/5 Flatback. I Googled the heck out of this word to try and figure out what in the world everyone was talking about before we went, but all I could find was some sort of truck. Boy was I wrong. This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in a haunt before. I don’t want to ruin it for next year, but I pray other haunts jump on board with such patron interaction. Additionally, as I mentioned before, each set is isolated, giving the patron an added level of suspense as he/she walks up to the next part. Each set we visited was completely revamped from when we went a couple of years ago which was refreshing. They even somehow managed to make Club Booger even cooler than it was before! 

Length - 5/5 Boogerwoods is a really, really long haunt. Make sure you use the restroom as often as possible before you head into the final queuing corral, because the haunt takes at least 45 minutes. This is one of those attractions where you really get your money’s worth, so relax and get ready to have a blast!

Other: 4.5/5 First things first, thank you thank you thank you for utilizing the new Fast Pass system! Paying the extra ten dollars to not have to wait in line for hours is well worth it, and the system worked like a charm. Our Fast Pass time was 10:30 and we probably actually got into the haunt a few minutes after, so it worked great. Also, as weird as it is to have to buy the tickets on the same day as you go, it kind of gives the patron a feeling that they are going to something exclusive. Kind of like a secret party or something. That being said, I can easily see how that could be a hindrance to people who live outside of the Charlotte area. My only complaint about Boogerwoods is the lack of Point of Sale terminals for debit/credit cards. I definitely would have bought a shirt after the haunt if they accepted debit cards. 

Overall: 5/5 Boogerwoods is without a doubt a must see for any fan of haunts. The best part about this place is that you can make a family event out of it, since there are some laughs along with scares. This place does a phenomenal job with an all volunteer squad, and it’s refreshing to see a place doing something for such a good cause. I’d recommend Boogerwoods to anyone looking for a good time, with some scares mixed in of course!
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Nikki Hyde Barnes — 5 stars
We drove all the way from Knoxville, TN just for Boogerwoods! It was amazing!!! The guides Lone Ranger and Tonto were out of this world awesome and entertaining. It was scary and fun. I will be recommending this haunt to all my friends and family. We will definitely be making this something that we do every single year. I also love that proceeds go to cystic fibrosis. It is an amazingly good time but also for a very beautiful cause. Also, we loved the National Anthem at the beginning. Just an all around wonderful and epic place!!! Thank you for one of the best Halloween nights ever!!! Michael Myers truly scared me to death!! :)
Larry Johnson — 5 stars
The legends are true...this place is as AMAZING as everyone says, and beyond! I waited in line with my girlfriend around 2 1/2 hours, but it was worth every second. From the holding tank, to the last thrill of the Flatback (which has to be the most unique haunt feature around, for what it's worth), you guys provide a killer experience front to back! With a warm, friendly staff, great concessions, engaging and hilarious guides (thank you, Sons of Booger, for allowing us to survive in - mostly - one piece), and actors that are wonderfully relentless, not to mention the fact that your ticket price is going to an amazing cause...Boogerwoods is the standard-bearer for haunts.
David Kegan Campbell — 5 stars
By far the best haunted attraction I've ever been to. Definitely worth the money and time waiting in line. Tonto and The Lone Ranger were the tour guides of my group and they were great! I hope Tonto doesn't get sick from being out in the cold without a shirt. Ohhhh AND I love the fact that they open the attraction with the playing of the national anthem and all money collected goes to benefit cystic fibrosis.
Melissa Cash — 5 stars
I will be making this place a Halloween pit stop from now on. I love the different scenes and our tour guides were great.. Tonto n Lone Ranger were fun and very entertaining. The scare movie while ur waiting is great as well.
Travis Bayne — 5 star
This was my first time here. I drove all the way from Charlotte on Friday night and waited 2 hours and then a bad storm came up and they had to close. We drove all the way back and waited 2 more hours on Saturday night. Let me just say... It was well worth the wait and gas! I have been to many haunted attractions and this is probably the best one I have ever attended in the Carolinas. Shout out to Lone Ranger and Tonto our tour guides! Yall were great! See you next year!
Morgan Wiggs — 5 star
Absolutely the best night of my life. Definitely worth the donation. So excited to make this party of my Halloween season routine!
Shelby Redmon — 5 star
Like always it was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait! My fifth year going and it gets better every time! Y'all do such a amazing job! Can't wait for next year! See you then Boogerwoods!!
Jerry Strange — 5 star
Kristie Vorrath — 5 star
I LOVE YOU BOOGERWOODS! My boyfriend and I visited your woods for the first time this past weekend, and we had the most amazing time. It was his birthday gift to me and it couldn't have been more perfect. Sons of Booger, you two were great, we so enjoyed having you as our guides. All of the staff was wonderful, so friendly and laid-back. And your actors...holy crap, you guys are insanely AWESOME! .
Haley Lambert — 5 star
Let me just start off by saying it is definitely worth $15 it is the best one I've been to yet! It's worth the wait in line! And I love that the money goes to a good cause! I'd have to say one of my favorite parts was the "New York taxi service" riding in the van cause it felt like we were muddin and me being a country girl I really liked that! All of it is just so amazing!! I will definitely be back again next year!! & also I loved my tour guides last night Jr. & beetle juice "boogerwoods maintenance" they were amazing!!
Nikki King — 5 star
Just got home from Boogerwoods and it was awesome!!! Haven't been in years and it was very different but still great....loved the flat back scene and our tour guides Junior and Pappy were awesome as well!!
Kelly Marquez - 5 star
Love it... they scared the crap out of me def was not expecting it to be that good... I cant not wait until this year... and I will prob go every year from now on... so much FUN for sure.
Nathan Rakes — 5 star
This was our 1st year and we will definitely be coming back next year! You guys put on a great show and it's for a great cause! ★★★★★
Kelly M. Henderson — 5 star
Absolutely love this place I have been every year since it started and will always come back. Great people great dun an always for a good cause
The Scare Factor:
8.68 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Boogerwoods is a haunt in eastern North Carolina that all haunt enthusiasts should visit at least once. A charity haunt that donates its proceeds to combat cystic fibrosis, Boogerwoods is packed with a number of scenes, a ton of volunteers, and a mix of scares, humor and special effects that deserve to be seen. This isn’t a high budget, professional haunt run by a business but a huge group of people who have a lot of passion for what they do and a need to show it off to everyone.

9.19 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Visitors are lead through Boogerwoods by a pair of guides – usually one at the front of the group and one at the back – who work in tandem to provide some running commentary, introductions, and keep the groups moving from one scene to the next. One immediate result of this is that each time you visit, you may have a slightly different experience because of different guides and their banter and dialogue. A lot of the interaction occurs between the visitors and the guides with the Boogers in each scene mainly interacting with the guides or chasing screaming guests out of their hidey-holes. There are about 100 volunteers working as haunters across a little over a dozen different scenes and locations, plus the pairs of guides who take you from place to place. Given the volume of volunteers, the dedication of each of them to remaining in character and working, sometimes very, very physically, to provide scares is a testament to how much Boogerwoods loves what they do.

8.45 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Given that there are so many actors across the site, there were instances where the makeup or masks were not quite 100%. The good news is that most of the Boogers who are interacting directly with visitors are given a bit more time and care. The Booger behind the counter at the Small Engine Repair Shop for example was very well done as were the classic horror movie figures (Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers) for the amazing Flatback scene.

Customer Service:
7.25 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
We want to make sure our readers understand that the staff of Boogerwoods are great. They are friendly, helpful and willing to answer questions. One must understand that as you move from scene to scene you are traveling through Carolina woods. Dirt, uneven ground, tree roots and even loose soil are all going to be encountered. However, this is also the case inside some of the scenes as well. Entrances into and out of some scenes include steps up or down; be careful and watch your step, or ask the guides for help (they have flashlights).

You will be warned before the Haunt begins that pregnant women, those with motion sickness, people who have issues with tight spaces, or with strobe lights may want to avoid some scenes – the guides will provide a way around any given scene if these apply to you. For some scenes, you can anticipate what these hazards might be – strobe lights in the dance club or clown school, heavy motion in the tornado scene or earthquake shelter. Some of these effects are very extreme; one of our reviewers who has experienced several earthquakes attested to the realism of the scene at Boogerwoods. In short, while the staff know where to put the guests to avoid the greatest danger, there are chances where you may bump heavily into a wall or against props.

Then there are the lines. Boogerwoods has been in operation for 39 years. They deliver an amazing experience and the lines speak of this. Your choices are to get there early (ticket sales start at 2pm), buy a fast pass (scheduled and staggered every 30 min throughout the night), or wait in line. The line can easily last upwards of two hours on a crowded night. There is some queue entertainment in the form of a projected video/movie and/or music being played, but little else. We highly recommend doing what you can to avoid the line.

7.67 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
The outside of Boogerwoods seems rather underwhelming and has a jovial, campy feel to it. Don’t let that dissuade you or detract from what you are about to experience inside though! There was some bleed over sounds from deep within the haunt consisting of bangs, roaring chainsaws, and screaming visitors. A lot of those screams are well deserved; the entertainment provided by the Boogers is waiting!

Special Effects:
9.24 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Beyond the witty banter of the guides and the sheer number of Boogers haunting the site, special effects are where Boogerwoods really shines. There are the standard chainsaw wielding maniac scenes and 3-D and blacklight paint splattered rooms (with and without clowns) that you can find almost anywhere. There are some sound effects, but not a lot of background or ambient noise. However, there are some scenes that you simply must experience in person – the mineshaft/flatback, the tornado room, and the earthquake shelter for example – are astounding pieces of mechanics, set design, and interactivity that you don’t see in other haunts.

9.18 ★★★★★★★★★☆
In the South, a booger is another word for a ghost; similar to bogey (as in the bogeyman), it is a sort of ambiguous term for unseen and indistinct monsters that induced psychosomatic fear in their victims. Boogerwoods, therefore, is a section of woods haunted by such creatures. As such, all of the various scenes at Boogerwoods have ‘booger’ somewhere in their name. Otherwise, many of the scenes are standard, old-school haunted house fare and Boogerwoods does its best to stick to those old-school themes that are standards in the industry. It can almost be a little game to try to piece together the ‘booger’ for a given scene – from the BW Gas and Grill (BW for BoogerWoods) to Uncle Booger’s Clown School to the BoogerCinema.

Fright Effect:
9.43 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Many of the rooms and scenes are built large enough that the boogers come at the entire group. Instead of just one actor jumping out at the front of a line of guests, at Boogerwoods you’re going to have multiple boogers popping out to rush at the guests or you’ll find yourself along a wall while a booger pops out of the middle to terrorize everyone around them. There are some creative uses of props.
Visitors go through in groups of eight to ten and for the most part this is fine because of the way that Boogerwoods is set up; the guides get the whole group involved, sometimes moving different people to the front, sometimes rearranging their own place in the group, positioning visitors in the best place for scares. However, there were some instances where fewer guests would have resulted in better scares but perhaps that’s us being greedy for the amazing work the boogers do. While some parts of Boogerwoods may not be scary, there is a lot of entertainment going on. You may find yourself alternately biting back screams and letting loose howls of laughter!

9 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Boogerwoods takes about 50 minutes from your start in the Holding Tank until your eventual exit. However, Boogerwoods only costs $15 per person ($25 for fast pass). That comes out to 3.33 minutes of scares per dollar spent which is an amazing deal (and the highest out of the 80+ haunts reviewed by The Scare Factor so far this season). While we may have wished for smaller groups with each set of guides and recommend buying a fast pass to avoid the long lines, do not fear that you will not be entertained and get a great value for your dollar at Boogerwoods. Also remember that their proceeds go to charity, so while you’re laughing, screaming, ducking, and clinging to your fellow visitors, you’re also helping this huge group of volunteers do some good in the world!